Ragmore Dolls - One of a Kind fine art dolls by Brook & Vista Scott

Thank you for your interest in Ragmore dolls.  A large variety of "rags" are used to construct each beautifully designed Ragmore doll and her attire.  Everything from vintage fabrics, linens, scraps from sewing projects and donations from friends, family and sometimes even strangers.

With this in mind, all incomplete stitches, raveled edges, hanging
threads, mismatched seams, rips, tears, wrinkles and discolorations noted, are not imperfections, but in fact proof that Ragmores are completely hand made from 100% genuine rags!

Ragmores are so much more than art dolls and a must for the serious art collector who has a true appreciation for one of a kind
works of fiber art.  Each Ragmore girl's face conveys  the complex characteristics of her personality and her clothing is carefully designed to express the same

Every doll is constructed by hand without the use of manufactured parts.  Hand stitching including embroidery is used liberally to maintain the look of an authentic rag doll from the past.  Every doll is also stuffed with shredded fabric gleaned from the construction of other dolls before them, thus creating the Ragmore family bloodline.
As citizens of the land N.B.Tween, the Ragmores apply for passports through the Ambassador's office, so that they can travel freely inside and outside N.B.Tween.  They journey solely for the purpose of promoting imagination, creativity and continued curiosity for learning something new each day.

From their expressive faces to their one of a kind clothing, they
have quite a lot to share, so take a moment to view our doll gallery and maybe you'll meet someone you like to accompany you on a journey to the unknown. 

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Ragmore Scrappington, and Spindlette dolls are
collectible art objects. They are not constructed or recommended for children under the age of 12
and are not in anyway intended to be used as a toy.

If you would like to know more about the Ragmores or any of the dolls from N.B.Tween send a note to info@ragmoredolls.com

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