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The Land N.B.Tween
The tiny country called N.B.Tween is much like any other. People live, work, and play, forests grow, and the sun and moon rise and set with some semblance of regularity.  Upon arriving in this delightful place one might think that they have happened upon a quaint little town that has avoided modern progress, which more often than not serves only to distract us from that which is truly important,  LIFE!    
The people of N.B.Tween practice a code of life referred to as “Investigahtus Humanitus”, this in short is the continued study of the humanities as a way of life.  The Tween code of life reins so high, that all of the provinces within this tiny country are named with connection to, but slightly different from, various areas of study within the Humanities.  There are a total of nine providences (thus far), which are named as follows: 
Scriibe, TexTillia, Horti, R-Kaytic, LiTterra, KannVass, Cyence, EaseTorree, Billowgeeah 

                                    Tween Calendar                                    
In addition to the 12 months recognized on the Gregorian calendar, the Tween calendar contains yet another 26 months, for a total of 38 months each calendar year (thus far)!  The additional calendar months are as follows: 

Janu,  Januuly, Janbrugust, Februar, Februne, Marcuary, Mapril, Marprilune, Maray, Mayune, Magust, Julune, Julugust, Jululy, Auguary, Septust, Septembril, Septugust, Octember, Octobly, Octoseptugust, Novembril, Novuary, Novetober, Deceune  Cembernovil 

These months in-between have some rather interesting qualities. Some such as Mapril and Jululy can have as few as 3 days, whereas months such as Cembernovil, and Janbrugust, as many as 55 days.  Octoseptugust is the longest month in the Tween calendar year having a total of 83 days if it falls at the beginning of the year and 76 days if it falls somewhere in the middle.  A few Tween months actually occur in-between other months and last only a few hours at most. 
Tween also has only 333 days per year which is why some months don’t necessarily fall within the same season each year.  In fact, from time to time a month might not appear on the calendar for 2 or 3 years and then POOF, suddenly it would appear again as though it had been there all along.  Upon reappearance, the missing month will often have more or less than its original number of days.  This typically depends on which month preceded it when it disappeared and the combined number of days found in the two months in between which it appears upon its return.
                 N.B. Tween Seasons                  
I addition to Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, Tween also has Pringsu, Meraut, and Tumwin.  These three are known as the seasons of great possibility.  Pringsu is the season of discovery, Meraut the season of imagination, and Tumwin the season of creativity. 

                 N.B. Tween Holidays                                  
Jerboan Tapestry Exchange
Janu 3 – Janu 4
During this event a citizen may bring any Jerboan tapestry, regardless of age or intricacy for evaluation, interpretation or exchange.  Each year pavilions are set up for the exchange of ‘Complete’ and ‘Incomplete’ thought tapestries. Tapestries depicting images of incomplete thoughts may be traded up for complete thoughts if the owner can provide a suitable completion to the thought on the currently owned tapestry.  

A Tappet Master is available to facilitate the necessary warp and weft adjustments to complete the proposed thought endings for any tapestry presented for trade-up. Festival rules do however require owners to present a certificate of authenticity for any tapestry presented at the exchange.  
Tween Buttonanza
   Mayune 3 – Magust 8 
Each year a Buttonanza is held at one of the many fairgrounds in Trinketopolis.  An ornament expert is always on hand to perform button appraisals and to offer suggestions on trading techniques and maintaining or beginning a button collection.  Also in attendance each year are button vendors from some of Tween’s favorite companies Pearlloop, Fastenette, and Knobbonfoil.  An antique button auction begins each day at the hour of the sixth dove coo.  Hankies and handkerchiefs are required for signaling the auctioneer.  

Stardust Gathering Season 
Septust 2 - Septembril 14  
Each year a committee is formed to handle the events during Stardust Gathering Season. Committee members, also called “Gleamers” orchestrate the gathering, pouching, and distribution of stardust for the coming tumnwin season.  Those interested are encouraged to apply early, as being a Tween Gleamer is one of the more recognized positions in the realm of event hosting.  Requests for applications or further details may be forwarded to Muriel Ragmore at committee headquarters care of the University Details Extravagandis located at 35y6 Pinceel Place, Parchmentown, Scriibe. Ms. Ragmore may also be contacted via direct thought or twilight nightingale post.

Septembril Seed Convention
Septembril 83 - Septembril 86  

The Septembril Seed Convention offers lectures and an open auction where new and unusual seeds may be purchased just in time for the Tumwin planting season.  The convention is held each year in the Buddville Arbortarium solarium gardens in Sprigston, Horti.  The Arbortarium is located at he edge of Crackleleef woods which can be found by wandering around looking for wooded edges or by taking Nevergreen court to Almost green street to Evergreen lane.  Six blocks and four steps on each will lead you right there. 

A few of the most requested lectures are repeated each year.  Once again "Engaging Meaningful Conversations with Soil" and "The History and Theory of Leaf Sway Yoga" will be two of many on the list. Registration is recommended prior to the flight of the third thirsty firefly. All attendees are reminded that 1Mg8 is a fallen leaf year so mark your calendar just in case a few days are misplaced before the festival begins.

Ornamentation Festival
Octember 46th - Octoseptugust 25th
The Ornamentation Festival is an event not to be missed and most Tween citizens never do.  The fun begins prior to the festival when citizens seek the most suitable gift to present to each of their deerfrins.  The search for such suitable gifts typically begins on the third day of Anu allowing sixteen months to complete the task.  While doing so, much fun is to be had collecting said gifts and finding ways to keep them hidden from the prospective recipient.  Which is not as easy as it may sound considering most Tween citizens are endowed with beforethought, afterthought, and thoughtfulness. 

                 N.B.Tween Provinces                  

Scriibians folk live to write and are most proficient at it.  It should be noted however, that most of their detailed research, poetic prose, lengthy novels and historic accounts are often created in words and language that are only understood by the author and not found in any published book of reference.  Lectures are held on a regular basis in the town square.  The topic of discussion for a particular day is translated by the author so that its interesting and educational information can be shared by all.   

Approximately 13 years, ago, a fellow by the name of Orac Mishanus, a very famous Enventorio, developed a useful machine called the Incyyferous Skriibous.  By feeding pages of text between two steel drums or directly typing onto the keyboard, this dandy mechanism allowed the researcher, seeker, curisant, or student to decipher Scriibians text no matter how encrypted it was.   None the less, Scriibians write and write and write and sometimes their flaoutic (that’s Tween for fluid), prose sounds quite a smidgen more like music than words, which explains why many of the local mocking bird choirs make use of Scriibians writing as a basis for their famous noon day operas. 

Location: Six miles outside the outer northern parameter of the Desert of Discovery 

Population: Millions and trillions depending on the sleepwalking practices of people from other parallel universes. 

Humantic Focus: Creative expression through the art and form of the illuminated letter.   

When visiting don’t miss these!

City                 Point of Interest                            
Quillville:              The Ostrich Feather Tower and Museum   Parchmentown:             Texture is Everything Restaurant &Penning bar   Ornamenta:                   Upper Case Hall-Featuring daily lectures in                              the Ornamentation and Illumination of life. Adornmentopolis:      The University Detalis Extravagandis
Manuscript Heights:    Chapter-by-Chapter Books store
                     The Novel Neighborhood Reading Park   
Splendora Valley:      Gilded Bakery and Café  
Illustraville:                    The Illustraville Theater – Now showing:                                 A Picture is Worth a Thousand words”   Cursivotopolis:       The Serif Hair Salon – “Lets your hair speak                             for you”  
Lumencity:                    Sunshine Market – Food and Spirits           

LiTterra is a great place for anyone who takes delight in the art of forming a word.  Because of this, a main draw to this province are the always entertaining Page Flip games held here several times a year. Tween citizens and visitors from several other parallel universes take off at the sunflower hour to rummage about Sound Woods in search of vowels.  Unlike consonates which can be found in abundance on trees, vowels can only be picked during Tumwin season when punctuation plants are at their peak growth.  Although the woods are filled with phonetic trees, punctuation plants are not easily found.  Participants take off with glee into the woods with their empty haversacks eager to gather as many vowels as they can.  The plants themselves can only be found if the call of the seeker, without obstruction or friction in the mouth, is able to represent the corresponding vowel’s sound.  

Contestants battle it out moving, disguising, and exposing vowels  in an effort to flip to the next page. Individual letters break free from their assigned group to begin forming words. A vowel inserted in haste can cost the contestant grammallirrum points resulting in a split infinitive decision for the judges and extreme syllaballic stress for the losing contestant.   Two teams compete at a time.  The Hyfens typically play against the Semicos.  This can quite often prove an interesting match, however Hyfens have a huge advantage since they can always choose to connect or divide, whereas the Semicos specialize in separation techniques only. 

When the Semicos aren’t up to the challenge, the Kahmaz or the Modiffees step in.  The Modiffies are really the most worthy component as they have the ability to alter meaning.  But when necessary Participillees are called upon for their deceptive ability to change from verb to adverb. 
Location: Just outside the boundary of Stage forest, three trees stage left and five bramberry bushes stage right.  As you emerge from the forest take Curtain Call road for two acts until you see a small stage hand tree on the corner of Prop lane.  Continue another 2 acts then make a left turn on Applause Avenue, which will lead you right into the center of Dramatica.

Population: 400 persons per season as seating citizenship is limited to the lawful capacity of the province border.  Even so, additional show visas are often added to accommodate travelers and those who wish to change province seats.

Humantic Focus: The Creative expression of thought and movement with or without thought, with or without movement through the use of facial expressions, costume and props.  

When visiting don’t miss these!

City            Point of Interest                                        

Audition City:     Center Stage Book Store and Coffee Bar 
               The Call-out Perfume Emporium
                Intermission Hair Salon “Home of the Back Stage bob”   Theaterville:     The Curtain Call Pastry Shop 
                Director’s Guided Tour Gift Market
                Balcony Winery featuring the original Velvet Seat                        Aperitif  
Solo town:       Leading Roll Bakery
                The Monologue Museum of Short Moments
                Front and Center Gymnasium
                Isle and Lobby Costume Shoppe “For those who enjoy the                fine art of dressing up"

Stay tuned and visit often for more Province guide information!
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