Ragmore Dolls - One of a Kind fine art dolls by Brook & Vista Scott

In 1996 I began creating cloth art dolls to represent  characters from a place I call the land N.B.Tween.  The Ragmores are all cousins in one way or another, who in addition to sharing the same middle name Louise, also share a great love for the arts and sciences.   Following in the foot steps of their great great great grandmother Lavina Louise Ragmore, they are curious, creative  intelligent ladies who  journey from N.B.Tween purely to inspire everyone they encounter to embrace learning something new and reunite with their imagination.

I‘m always excited and filled with anticipation to see the final product when I start working on a new doll.  I never design or preconceive the doll before starting, I just let whoever she decides to be emerge as I go along.  The end result is always a suprise.  When I finally finish one I get a real kick out of meeting the new Ragmore in town.  It’s also at this point that I decide, or rather she tells me what her name will be.

No one made dolls like these when I was a child, for that matter they still don’t, so I decided that I would.  Some of the inspiration comes from family photos. By making use of the array of beautiful  hair, skin and eye color combinations as examples, my mother paints faces that represent a variety of looks.  The stylish rags that the dolls wear are made from recycled rags of all kinds. Linens, clothing, draperies, I use it all, I do however try to stick to natural fibers if possible to support the "Ragmores Go Green" campaign now promoted in the land N.B.Tween.  For bodies I purchase fabric in small quantities.  Fabric die lots seldom remaining exactly the same, so I take advantage of the subtle differences in shades of brown and tan available each time I purchase a piece of fabric.  I create a sort of familial connection by stuffing one doll with the rags and trimmings of the previous one, two or three who came before her.  I think of this as the Ragmore version of a family blood line.


In 2006 I decided to collaborate with my mother Vista Scott.  She was an amazing artist thus evidenced in the captivating Ragmore faces.  Ragmores are not just art dolls, they are part of something much larger; citizens from the land N.B.Tween. After working with them for several years, I decided to take the characters to yet another level by enlisting Mom’s creative talent to interpret the personalities of the characters I created in writing, onto the faces of the dolls that I stitched. In 2011 Mom passed on but we made a great team and I'm planning to keep the dream we shared going. She was just as much a dreamer as I am, so she never questioned my gibberish about the Ragmores or the land  N.B.Tween.  She loved hearing my nonsense just as much as I love writing it and we both knew that N.B.Tween nonsense makes good sense.   There’s one other thing that we both knew and that was, when the Ragmores decided to come here from the land N.B.Tween they packed enough rags to a stay for quite some time!

If you would like to know more about the Ragmores  or any of the dolls from N.B.Tween send us a note at info@ragmoredolls.com

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